Watch the 2014 World Cup Online

The best ways to watch the 2014 Fifa World Cup on your Computer Finding a good stream online is never easy so if you wanna be able to watch the world cup online you should get a good VPN and follow this working guide. It is now official, Franck Ribéry will not attend the World […]

Planetside 2 Tools and Cheats

New Tools for the FPS Planetside 2  - Tools and Hacks to dominate the game There are two games that I did find with account running at the beginning of 2013: Star Wars Galaxies and Planetside. The first one who knows, that maybe in the future, the second one is the real protagonist of […]

Black Ops 2 hacks for 2014

The only working hacks for the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are here Review the new Call of Duty is always a problem. The franchise Activision is emblematic of this generation that is coming to an end, i.e. total serialization, proliferation of DLC but also and above all a formula that despite the bluster […]

Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks

The new hack for Call of Duty Ghosts with upgraded aimbot Like the mythological creatures painted those up, they where gastarna; the most fearsome collection of men the world has ever seen, with the ability to move as shadows past all the world’s defence system, through walls, into people’s minds … To reduce North America’s […]